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21 Days…

They say it takes 21 days to make a habit. Yesterday marked Twenty-One days in our new home and new town. I was hopeful that I would wake up and not be confused as to where I was… still confused for the first couple of seconds.

We are slowly but surely getting settled here though! It is crazy how much harder it is to get settled (ex: hang things on the wall, making it feel/look comfy) when you have three kiddos!! Ruby slows that process for us a lot… but no big deal, those things will come!

Homeschool has been a lot of fun and it such a treat to be schooling these two. Carsyn is an eager learner and wants to get started immediately… Cruz… not sure much! But he does his work and when he does focus he tries hard!

These two have the sweetest little love bond. When Ruby wakes up she is on the look out for her bubba!! He usually sleeps a little later than her so when he gets up the excitement is heard throughout the house! 2016-01-27_0001

This smile right here gets my heart strings going!!!! Laughing at her bubba!! 2016-01-27_0002

I think you can see the Love. 2016-01-27_0003

Carsyn woke up with lots of tears yesterday. I had actually just bragged to a friend that morning how awesome she was doing with the move and it was Cruz that was having the harder time. I imagine these tough days will come and go as we make our life here. But clearly we got past the tears. She was doing Math {spending money}  here and kept giving me her $$ in my old card holder. 2016-01-27_0004

Cruz was not thrilled with me yesterday when he had to unload the dishwasher without his helper! ha! Ruby’s face is so classic Ruby here! 2016-01-27_0005

We love our babies here!! Ruby is going to be the best mama!! She came out of the womb a mama. 2016-01-27_0006

Carsyn and I started reading Little Women, one of my all time favorite books and movies as a little girl! Ruby kept stealing the book from us and pretending to read. 2016-01-27_0007

and Carsyn pretending to be Mommy I guess 😉 2016-01-27_0008

Books Books and More books! We decided to not have a TV in this new house and it is AMAZING how much more we read, are creative and how they are drawn to books.2016-01-27_0009


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