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Cruz 16 Months Carsyn 3.5 My Kiddos {San Francisco, CA Children’s Photographer}

The time has come to cut Cruzmans hair but I wanted to squeeze in one last photo shoot before I cut it. As you can see with Carsyn, I love long hair!! When I was Carsyn’s age my mom gave me a bowl cut and I totally hated it… she did too. So I swore I would let Carsyn grow out her hair. She definitely went thru some not cut hair stages (her hair looked just like Cruz’s at one point…for a while) ha! But it was worth it!

Anyways, I just wanted to get some sweet photos of his baby hair before we cut it! Look for an updated photo within the next few weeks of a clean cut little guy!!

Also I got his adorable bow time from OhJustDandy

At this point I knew the shoot was probably not going to go well…


I can always get some smiles out of my girl!

undefinedwow… this is really not going well! undefinedSo lets just let the dude run! undefinedmy sweet boy!! (at this point I was acting like a full on Monkey while taking photos)undefinedMmmhmmm I could eat him up! undefinedOk seriously?? undefinedMommy please help me and my pot belly and puffy eyes down… undefined

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