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February Photo a Day: Day 1 {San Francisco, CA Children’s Photographer}

I havent done “February Photo a Day” in about three years so I thought it was time to jump back onto the band wagon. I looooooooved it when I did it when Carsyn was one and I’ve always meant to do it again. The next year I had a newborn and the next year Cruz was one and on the move… and lets be honest… one year olds are tough!! So taking a photo a day hasn’t really been an option.

I love how much this little challenge pushes me to pick up my camera everyday and to take more photos of my kids.

Anyways, along with the photo a day challenge I usually struggle to post just one photo… sometimes I will but today I am posting 5 and these are actually two different nights 😉 don’t judge

Let me know if you are joining in on the fun 😉
Carsyn reading Cruz a bookundefinedHere mommy, I fix it (as he puts the lens cap back onto my camera 😉
undefinedLove her laugh…undefinedMom, save me please…undefinedExplaining to me whyyyyy she needs to sleep with me tonight… (she always has great reasons)undefinedHis new thing, hiding from “Monssers” {monsters}undefinedPretending to go to sleep 😉 love this kidundefined

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