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Katie Maternity {San Francisco Maternity Photographer}

Meet Katie, Jimmy, Jude and soon to be here Elliot! How cute is this family?!? I met Katie a little over four years ago when Drew and I moved to the Mill Valley. Katie was in her residency at the time and we were neighbors. One day while being my clumsy self I was roller blading (nerdy, I know) anyways, I fell and full on busted my chin wide open! So… Katie came to my rescue and made sure all was well with my huge gash 😉 Thanks again Katie!

Jude and Carsyn are just a few weeks part!  I took Katie’s Maternity photos with Jude, Jude’s 1 year photos and now Elliot’s Maternity photos and hopefully soon Elliot’s Newborn! Needless to say they are special to me and it has been fun seeing them grow!! So enjoy this super cute session!

Such a fun family photo…undefinedHow cute is Jude?! undefinedFramers! I love that shot of him and Jimmy and then loving on his mommy…undefinedundefinedA few shots on the trolly… I think it was a bit too distracting! undefinedA fun green wall and some poses with dad! undefinedundefinedHow awesome does Katie look!? undefinedI absolutely love this shot of her and Jimmy!! undefinedundefinedundefinedand ending with a few of Jude’s adorable personality! undefined

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