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Kristen and James Engagement {Sonoma County Engagement Photographer}

Lets talk about how gorgeous Sonoma County is in February?? If you know me you know I love some dead grass and big trees with the sun shining through… and something about a big yellow field of Mustard just speaks to my heart! Some day I am going to remember the fields are yellow in February & March and do a shoot with my little family in one…

So…meet Kristen and James! Aren’t they adorable? They met 6 years ago at a pool party in James’s backyard where he busted his head open attempting a squirrel dive (you know what I am talking about). So Kristen (not even knowing James) took him to the ER and pretty much from there they say the rest is history. Thankfully James survived the head injury and was able to ask her out on a date 😉
They got engaged this Christmas and I just loved their Engagement Story so much that I had to have her share it with you…

Friday, December 21st started out as any normal day for me except for the fact that I decided to go to work in my Christmas tree t-shirt that lights up, red sequence suspenders and a gigantic matching red sequence bow tie. Because nothing says Christmas than flashing lights and sequence!
We had plans that night to go with James’ parents to a crab feed at The Tides restaurant out in Bodega. When I got home I was trying to get some presents wrapped before we left the house and had no plans at all to change my fabulous outfit, until James looked at me and said, “you’re kidding me right?, please tell me you’re going to change”. So, I went ahead and changed into something else and we were on our way.
Driving through Sebastopol, James said that Tina (his Aunt) called and asked if we could stop by the ranch and turn the lights off in the barn that were left on from earlier in the day. Me not having a clue or even thinking twice that we had to stop at the ranch, continued my conversation with James which was about this amazing ring that had stopped me in my tracks when I was in downtown Healdsburg earlier that day and how I went in and just had to try it on!
As we are coming down Bodega Highway I tell James how pretty the barn looks at night with the lights on and then when we pull up to the barn the question that comes out of me next was, “so do you think we could fit 250 inside here”? Once again, I’m still completely clueless!! James tells me, that he doesn’t know and I should just get out and look. Of course I didn’t hesitate and tried to pry my way into the barn using the wrong doors, until James grabbed my hand and told me to go in through this door. Still not thinking that anything was up James opens the door and my jaw drops….The barn glowed, every single post and beam was wrapped in white Christmas lights and there was a pathway of candles and rose petals. At this point I was completely stunned!! James led me in(during this time I thought that I was just thinking this to myself, but apparently I kept saying, “this is happening, this is really happening, you’re really doing this outloud”) all the way up the stairs to a lone wine barrel. As we got up to the wine barrel, and I’m still in complete shock James proceeded to get down on one knee and asked me to marry him(THE HAPPIEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!!) of course I said YES! There were tears of pure happiness, hugs and kisses. As I was thinking there’s no way that this night could get any better, James proceeded to tell me that our parents along with my best friend and her husband were actually coming to the barn to celebrate with us!  Within 5 minutes of James telling me this everyone showed up and it just made that day even more special. And to top off the night if everything else wasn’t enough, James told me that we weren’t actually going home but that we were going to stay out at the Bodega Lodge for the night! This was be best day of my life to date and I can’t wait to marry my best friend and the love of my life.


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