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The first time I met Kristen was at Tiffany and Scotty’s Wedding 2 years ago. I still remember how amazing her maid of honor toast was for Tiffany… and I remember thinking Tiffany better start working on her MOH toast now if she wants hers to be as awesome as Kristen’s! (and Tiffany, your toast was awesome too!) The more I have gotten to know Kristen & James and their fun bunch of friends I have seen why she had such an awesome MOH Toast… she is an awesome person and an amazing friend! If I am ever filling down about myself I just go read one of Kristen’s sweet encouraging emails & it brightens my day!

This wedding will take your breath away! When I walked into the reception in all seriousness my eyes filled with tears! I have never seen anything so beautiful & if you know me I love making old things new!! That is exactly what Kristen and James did with this amazing vintage wedding! Kristen wrote a little something something about their wedding for me!

“Picking a venue was the easiest part of wedding planning. James proposed inside the barn at his family ranch and there wasn’t anywhere else in the world that I could imagine us getting married than out at the ranch. I’ve always been a huge fan of antiques (before Pinterest made them popular 🙂 ) and going to Estate Sales and Antique Fairs with my mom, so I wanted to incorporate these items along with the charm of the ranch into what I would describe as romantic vintage charm.  I didn’t want to over do the rustic ranch barn theme, because that’s all you see for weddings in Wine Country, so I did away with any and all burlap and mason jars! Pinterest was a huge help for putting my ideas into action. There were a couple of things that just had to happen. I wanted draping and chandeliers inside of the barn to add a touch of softness and romance to a 100 year old barn, but at the same time I still wanted to keep the charm of the barn. So, I did 5 panels of draping just in the center of the barn and hung 3 chandeliers (2 small and 1 large) going down the center of the barn & draping. The other item that was a must were the ceremony doors at our outdoor site. I really wanted to have the moment of doors opening and seeing my husband for the very first time. Thank goodness James is so handy because he was tasked with making the arch way that would hold up 2 extremely heavy antique doors that would have to close and open. I used old doors all throughout our wedding, from the ones, at the ceremony site to using them as the seating chart and dinner menu display and as our backdrop for our photobooth. We kind of used random different items instead of your standard rented tables and chairs. Such as for the cocktail tables and food table we decided to use wooden spools of various sizes and made couches out of hay bales and used hay bales for seats at our ceremony. We used an old burnt out box spring and hung our engagement pictures on it. Calf feeders were used to hold refreshments for our guest. And for the ceremony site instead of paying for ceremony programs to be designed and printed we used a vintage school house chalk board for our program. Overall, our wedding completely came together with all of our ideas.”

Of course a huge shout out to all of our awesome vendors!!

Caterer: Jimmy’s Catering Company, Jimmy Maestretti



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