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My baby boy is 3!

     Today he is 3. I feel like it was just yesterday that Drew frightened all the nurses at our big sonogram appointment with his shouts of joy when they announced it was a boy! Tears filled my eyes as he named him… Cruz Nathaniel. Such a precious day.

     And THIS was for sure just yesterday!
     When they handed me over that sweet baby boy and my emotions took over. I am forever grateful that my BFF Rachel was there to capture these first few moments with our little guy. They had just thrown him on my chest in these photos. If you don’t have your births photographed… do!
     Cruz has brought nothing but joy to our home! He is hands down the funniest little boy I know! He talks a million miles a minute and has since he could! He has a heart as big as a bear and is always willing to help out his mommy! He is sensitive and aims to please… he hates being disciplined. He is crazy busy… in fact I don’t think I left the house his whole second year of life… I just couldn’t keep up with him! He’s taught me that a clean house doesn’t matter… because frankly he tears it up faster then I can keep it clean… and I am okay with that!
     I know all mama’s of boys can relate to the deep almost painful love that we have for our boys. In my three short years of having a boy my conclusion to why this love is so different is because they are really only “ours” for 18 years. Once they go off to college and fall in love with some (sweet precious girl, I hope) we must let them go. I pray this daily that my heart will let him go… oh I know that day will be so hard!! I am always an emotional disaster when the groom dances with his mama at weddings.
     Below are some of my favorite photos of him from this year! I wish I pulled my big camera out more… this year I am going to try!

Love how much this captures him! Making Cinnamon Rolls this Christmas! Turning 2 at the beginning of this year! Just feeding his little sis a leaf when I was trying to capture some sweet photos of them for our Christmas Card. He actually asked me to take these… Mama, you take my picture? So totally over me taking his picture…. First Day of Mothers Day Out! {aka Kindergarten to Cruz}Picture Day! Mothers Day!! Fall Shoot! Trying Hot Chocolate for the first time… he was not a fan! MIKE! Oh Crazy boy… pretending to be asleep 😉 

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