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My kiddos in July {San Francisco, CA Children’s Photographer}

I’ve been begging Drew to go with me to take some photos of the kids and to get one of my with them as well. I finally talked him into it last night so we loaded up the kids and ventured over to our local park. I’m so glad I did this before I hit the ground running with 2011 Holiday Season because OH MY GOSH it was ROUGH!!

Carsyn is in a weird stage with the camera where she either gives me the smile you see below (that is the best photo I got all night of the two of them BY THE WAY) or she smiles but cuts her eyes to either side. I usually don’t mind that she does this because that’s her and I love capturing her as she is, but I just wanted one BIG photo of the two of them smiling to blow up a big canvas for our wall… anyways, LESSON learned… candid photos are the best with my children. I spent almost 20 minutes jumping up and down, being wild and crazy trying to get the slightest crack of a smile out of either one of them. Maybe I will blow up the second photo… thoughts?

Anyways, I can definitely say after that I am ready for whatever Holiday Season has in store for me this year!


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