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The clouds were rolling in and I started to feel a few sprinkles. I was so nervous that it was going to rain on Sarah’s gorgeous outdoor wedding day. I looked at Drew across the ceremony site and we gave each other that look of, oh my gosh… hope this goes well. Thankfully the rain continued to roll by and the few sprinkles we felt were all that came down that day. When Sarah and her dad came around on the carriage my eyes filled up with tears and I frantically tried to wipe them away so my view finder would stop fogging up, I still had to get the shot!! Wasn’t she glowing?! This ceremony was so sweet and romantic I just had to blog some photos from it! Enjoy!


I cannot believe I have not blogged these photos yet! I have so many amazing photos to blog from this gorgeous couples wedding!! I am going to start with the couple photos!

Sarah and Chuck are an adorable couple that we met several months ago through our new church. I photographed their proposal, their engagement photos and now their wedding!! Not only were they one of our 2010 couple’s but they have turned out to be some of Drew and I’s newest and dearest friends. They both have hearts of gold and would give you the shirt off their backs if you asked. They’ve been such a blessing to us over the past few months!

Now on with their fun photos!! Many many more to come!!

Could Sarah be any prettier!? 

They had an ammmazing venue! Sarah peaking out before her wedding… then inside after. 

I love this photo of her on his back laughing… and the cowboy theme 😉 love it!
Photo on the left was their Christmas Card! Horse and Carriage?! Amazing! It was a beautiful day and the rain managed to hold off for us!Had to do some old fashion photos inside the old house!

Sarah this photo would be amazing blown up in your home! Just showing the happiness of your day 😉