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Rhett and Annsley {San Francisco Family and Children Photographer}

Have you ever debated having family photos done? Put it off until your schedules slowed down or maybe when you lose 5 pounds? When the kids are less busy or they will actually sit for a photo? The list can go on and on but we all do it, even me!

When I first started shooting professionally in California I got a call from the sweetest lady, Jodi. She had just moved back to CA from the Pacific Northwest and wanted to find a family photographer that could take photos of her family every three months. She saw the importance of capturing her kids at each stage and she cherished the photos. We worked up a little package and I have been doing their photos since! I took photos of them last spring when I first found out I was pregnant with Cruz, you can see that session HERE (on the old blog) and from their it links to another post…

Shortly after that last session Rhett was diagnosed with cancer. A word a parent never wants to hear especially in reference to their own child. Jodi and Carl have been amazing parents and began every single attempt to give Rhett the best treatment, make sure he is comfortable and to surround him with love. Annsley is an AMAZING big sister as you can tell in the photos! As Jodi told me their whole story last time I was with them my heart couldn’t help but hurt for them and the stage of life they are walking through. They are such a great family and any time I am with them you can see the love and care they have for one another. We did this shoot when Rhett was in between treatments and had a little more hair. Don’t you just love his sweet face? So adorable. Hopefully they  can cherish these for years to come…



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