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Sara and David San Francisco City Hall Wedding {San Francisco Civil Wedding Photographer}

I love everything about City Hall undefinedI think she spotted David 😉 undefinedHer beautiful necklace! undefinedHe was supposed to meet us in the back but he accidentally showed up in the front… still a sweet moment of seeing each other though!undefinedundefinedSara was stunning and so in love with her groom 😉 undefinedundefinedsweet couple undefinedlove her flowers 😉 undefinedAlso loved this hair piece!!
undefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedI love the light inside City Hall undefinedundefinedundefinedAgain love the light!undefinedSo Happy undefinedDavids mom 😉 undefinedEveryone snapping photos of the couple… they had great family and friends!
undefinedSara’s mom Skyped the whole time 😉 undefinedGetting a little emotional before their I Do’s! undefinedMaking it official 😉 undefinedOn their way to the ceremony undefinedundefinedHow happy does Sara look?! love it!! undefinedundefinedAnd their married!! undefinedCongrats you two!! undefined

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