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She’s Not a Baby Anymore…{San Francisco Children’s Photographer}

Yesterday Carsyn actually asked me to take photos of her so I jumped on the chance! She wanted to jump on my bed for her little suggested shoot. As I took photos of her and flipped through the frames on my camera I kept thinking, thats not my baby girl, thats a big girl in these photos! I know I see her everyday but she just looked so much older to me in the photos.

… I guess she is growing up but I am not at all ready for her to.

So here she is, my big almost 3 year old. With her fun personality and her fine/stringy little hair 😉

(yes, she is wearing a Texas Longhorns Shirt Skirt…my dad sent it to her as a joke)undefinedI will be printing this photo… don’t worry. undefinedundefinedShe thought she heard Drew drive up…  DADDY?? ha! undefinedundefinedPoor girl… has her daddies long finger toes 😉 undefined

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