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Xander Newborn {Edmond, OK Newborn Photographer} {Oklahoma City, OK Newborn/Lifestyle Photographer}

“I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for Always, Forever my baby you’ll be…”


I love everything about this first image. Those first few weeks when you spend majority of your time learning that sweet new baby. Finding out what their needs are… and how you can meet them (usually as quickly as possible). Being a mommy is the most rewarding but at the same time lets be honest… most exhausting thing on the planet…and I wouldn’t change my job of being a mommy for the world. Those first few weeks learning your babies cues, their sweet smiles, their tears and even their cries are some of the sweetest times.

Tonight when I was putting my Cruz to bed {who is now a very large 2.5 years old} I hugged him in really tight and tried to remember those days when I just held him in my arms and stared into those beautiful big blue eyes wondering what kind of big kid he would be. Those days seem like centuries ago as I spend most of my days chasing after him, teaching him to peepee in the potty or begging him to eat anything but tortillas. But those days are etched on this mama’s heart and I will never ever forget them.

That’s why I love this photo. Just a sweet moment with mommy and baby.

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